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. . . strange, rarely heard, and just plain "off-the-beaten-path"...

" . . . So who's afraid of a little abstraction? . . . "

                             This Months' Featured Rush Oddities

"A Peaceable Ending" - recovered ending with hidden guitar voicing

"Another Peaceable Ending" - recovered ending with hidden guitar voicing

"Vocals Against The Kingdom" - Isolated background vocals

"We Will Pay The Price"(for Alex's singing)

Neil is in the "Train-Wreck Limelight" - a rare Neil moment

Geddy has a "Geritol Moment"- thanks Justin

Geddy Bass Improv - 'live soundcheck improv ' (2007)

2112 Misfire - thanks Justin

By-Tor "Happy Trails" - concert oddity

Trainwreck by Limeight" - concert rarety screw-up- thanks ShowDontTell!

"Guitar Unlimited" - recovered guitar solo from VT Remixed

Rush Vinyards- Rush-inspired Red Wine

Still No Guitar- La Villa Strangiato 'trainwreck'... Alex struggles to get his guitar working but manages to have fun with the crowd

MitA's "Rush Interview Archive"(Interviews from the vault - 1994 - 2004)

"Carnie Hidden Rhythm" - isolated rhythm guitar from "Carnies"

Cygnus X-Won't" - rare 'trainwreck' from Hemisphere's Tour (Tuscon, 1978) - thanks C. Dionne!

Alex's Fun House "Flanger Effect" - hidden audio from "Carnies"

"Brought Up To Be Strings" - isolated string section from "BU2B2"

"What Do You Lack" - hidden vocal from "The Anarchist"

"Acoustic Clockwork" - isolated guitar from "Clockwork Angels"

Geddy's "Carnie Bass"  - isolated bass riff

"Solo Effect" - isolated acoustic guitar from "Halo Effect"

"I Learned to Fight I Learned to Love"- isolated background vocals from "Headlong Flight"

"Oh I Wish That I Could" - isolated background vocals from "Headlong Flight"

"Distant As A Comet or This Background Vocal" - isolated background vocals from "Seven Cities Of Gold"

Rush's "Dressing Room" Rider - from their Presto Tour 

Rush's "Lunch Menu" Rider - from their Presto Tour 

Rush's "Dinner Menu" Rider - from their Presto Tour 

Rush's "Pre-Show" Rider - from their Presto Tour 

Rush's "After-Show" Rider - from their Presto Tour 


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Latest Rush CD, DVD, and Book releases

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OdD Rush Interviews -
Nardwuar the interviewer "talks to" (bothers/confounds) Geddy Lee ...  
***     (Real Audio) as well as  (Transcript)

OdD Rush News Items -
*** NASA identifies Rush in Outer Space
*** Broke-Leg Stoneman - The actual Test For Echo Inukshuk, complete with broken leg!
*** Geddy "Klezmer" Lee - Geddy has a small cameo speaking role in the 1988 album "Ship To Shore" by Klezmer band Finjan, produced by Rush friend Ben Mink.  Geddy plays the brief speaking part of the Yiddish nephew, by the name of Grshn Lzr !! - (Thanks to David B. for letting me know this existed)
* Another Geddy "Cameo" vocal appearance in Finjan Klezmer-music recording - Geddy has a small cameo speaking role in the 1988 album "Ship To Shore" by Klezmer band Finjan , produced by Rush friend Ben Mink.
*** Winter Safety Advice (Geddy Lee loves to toboggan)
*** Ged's Mom, Neil's Sister, and Alex's Parents - "What were the boys like as kids"
*** Alex Scuba Dives with Canadian Prime Minister
*** Pye Dubois recites his poem "There is a Lake Between the Sun and Moon " - Thanks Peter Griffin!
*** Raymond Scott's ''Powerhouse" meets Rush' La Villa Strangiato - (La Villa RayScotto) - thanks Tascam!

Q: Did RUSH get sued and have to pay royalties for their unauthorized use of Raymond Scott's ''Powerhouse'' in their 1978 recording ''La Villa.Strangiato''-? 
A: By the time Raymond Scott's publisher notified the band's management of the infringement, the statute of limitations had expired on the challenge. But Rush's management, out of deference to Mr. and Mrs. Scott (Raymond was still alive at that point), offered a one-time "penance" payment, feeling it was the ethical thing to do. All involved were happy with the resolution, and Rush has no further financial obligations. Under the settlement, they were not required to accord Raymond Scott partial songwriting credit on the piece. 

Geddy says "don't drive drunk" - a PSA from the Gedster himself
Rush lands on Mars - DVDs engraved with Rush's name are transported on the Spirit and Opportunity rover missions to the planet Mars! - (Thanks to Jon Collins for this!)
Toyota creates a line of cars with the name "Rush" - (Thanks Bytor-jp)
Early Rush music review (review of "Rush" on Moon records)- Thanks Patti2112 !
If You're heading to Toronto from here . . . . You're In Luck!!! - Thanks Alwaysrushing!
The Lifeson "Omega Stand" - thank you STPBL
Geddy Soprano talks about choir practice in school

OdD Rush Encounters - I.
       (Geddy's magic-moments with the crowd
* Geddy Thanks the Audience with some Salty Language
* Oui Oui, Geddy speak French 
*** Geddy (getting pissed off at the crowd) !!
*** Geddy speaks to his "Sea of Drowning Bodies"
*** Geddy can't stand the sweltering heat " . . . are you as hot as I am?"
*** A very appreciative Geddy thanks the fans
*** Geddy's Vegas Audition
*** Geddy is "E-lec-tric"
*** Geddy thanks his bass
*** Geddy joins the chant
Ged needs a new dryer - thanks rush-o-matic
"Elephant Barchetta" - thanks Doug
Geddy's bad-boy Vegas "thank you"
"... Our Second Album, 'Huy-Huy-Huy' ..."
Geddy learns to count! (and buckle his shoe)
A dancing song from our dancing....song - thanks cavesoficeman
Geddy introduces the new "Subdivisions" album - thanks Tomcat84!
Geddy says "Pat yourself on the back. . . . NOW"
Freeze this Vegas moment
Geddy introduces Alex and his "thing"
Geddy had to tie his shoe . . . . alright ??!
Geddy does something that's "Shagadelic"
Geddy's Totally Mental Instrumental
Geddy's Austin Powers impersonation
Geddy performs a Public Service Announcement for the benefit of the audience
Vee Vould like to zay . . . Hello?
Closer to your . . . thing
Hey...ok, eh... Geddy
"Geddy would like to do a song for you"
Geddy's OK, ... oh !

OdD Rush Encounters - II.
       (Rush Fans "caught on tape" )
*** Mike Myers' brother (Yes, THAT  Mike Myers!), yelling "Nighthawk", the name of his band, during ATWAS
*** "Stiller to the Heart" - Jerry Stiller whistles a Rush tune!
A fan lights up Lakeside park (fans caught on tape ) - thanks to Anthony at www.RushTributeBand2112.com
"Working-Woman" - Rush dedicates a song to Donna Halper
Rush ushers in the New Year with a New Years Eve "Countdown"!!

OdD Rush Studio Recordings -   

Extracted Hidden Audio and Isolated Instruments

*** "Two-Thirds Narcissistic"    (MalNar Bass & Drum parts isolated !)
*** Isolated Geddy vocal takes from the "Hemispheres" sessions (The Trees)
*** Bastille Day's hidden rhythm guitar
*** "Here We Go Alex" - hidden lead guitar in "test For Echo"
*** "What is the meaning of this riff?" - Hidden Alex part from "The Stars Look Down"
*** "The Ben & Geddy duet" - isolated electric violin from "Losing It"
*** A solo Mink loses Geddy and Alex -(isolated Ben Mink solo with Neil from "Losing It")
*** "Roll The Bones" original RAP selection (Geddy Lee's vocal rap isolated in real-time!)
*** Hugh Syme's "Different Strings" - isolated piano performance from Permanent Waves
*** Geddy rhythm guitar on "Exit Stage ...Left"
*** "Unconscious Guitar Revelation" - uncovered guitar melody from Nocturne
*** The Camera Englishmen - "Hello . . . 'morn, Gov..."  - two Brits exchange greetings on "The Camera Eye"
*** The Alien Shore "slowly engulfs"  - hidden whispers unearthed from the abyss!
*** Alex "drives in from the edge" - hidden Alex guitar solo from "Driven"
*** Hidden Alex solo on "Nocturne" - (There ARE Alex solos on Vapor Trails !! )
*** Single Agent  - (isolated "Double Agent" spoken part)
*** Birds and chimes in The Trees
*** Books on Tape- Neil Peart reads from "The Necromancer" - Chapter I
*** Books on Tape- Neil Peart reads from "The Necromancer" - Chapter II 
*** Un-earthed bass and mandola - from "Nocturne"
*** Superman in The Camera Eye - "Let us through"  can be heard (a clip from the movie, "Superman", as Clark Kent was coming through the doors of the Daily Globe).  
*** Didacts & Narpets "monologue"
*** That's Nice Alex! - "Changed Lightning" from Presto
*** Geddy's Big-Wheel spinning Echo-chamber (hidden dubbed-vocals from original RTB recording)
*** Geddy whispers in The Twilight Zone
*** Geddy "....gives the jury direction"
*** Geddy "....will be the judge"
*** Hidden piano part in "Cut to the Chase"
*** Geddy sings of "Oh Salvation" - isolated vocal part from VT
*** "Sisyphus", now missing from the TFE Remaster, preserved here for posterity ;>)
*** Differently Rocking . . . (Alex's different guitar part on Out Of The Cradle)
*** "Faintest Face" (hidden guitar part from "Bravest Face")
A Melotronic French horn solo - isolated melotron French horn solo, from 'Tears'
No-Vocals "Lesson" from Alex - Hidden rhythm guitar part
Animate the hidden synth
How Geddy Is - isolated Geddy bass & vocal from "How It Is"
"Backup Armor" - hidden backup vocals on Armor & Sword
"The Secret Way Out" - hidden background vocals on Secret Touch
Neil's wild-wild-west Monkey Business
Secret Touch - Hidden rhythm guitar part
The Main Rhythm Business
The Way The Windy Background Vocals Go
Armor & Alex - hidden guitar part in "Armor & Sword"
Good News - Alex first (hidden guitar part from "Good News First")
"Such a lot a Geddy" - Background vocals, upfront!
Geddy's "Middle-Eastern-Cry"
MalNar quote from "Team America" - thanks Eric@powerwindows
"The Main Mandola Business" - from "The Main Monkey Business"
Geddy "Spits out the poison"
"Peaceable Mandola" - hidden Alex guitar part from "Peaceable Kingdom"
Alex "sticks out" his hidden guitar part, from "Stick It Out"
"Cut To The Vocals" - isolated vocal parts from "Cut To The Chase"
Hidden rhythm guitar part from "The Big Money"
Hidden rhythm guitar part from "Bravado"
Alex's little guitar victory - Alex doubles Geddy's vocal part on "One Little Victory"
Alex's "Reflected Light" Earthshine "solo"
Alex & Geddy "Unlimited" (extracted hidden audio parts from "Ceiling Unlimited")
The tubular bell DOES toll - isolated orchestra bells from "Losing It"
Hidden rhythm guitar part from "War Paint"
Animate - "Neil's intro counting"
Alex's Frozen Mandola
Red Tide "False Alarm" - keyboards hidden under guitar solo
Alex' Hidden Frozen parts on VT !!
Alex goes solo on Lakeside - thanks jmszczap82
Neil plays some cowbell in the Alien Shore    - thanks Planet X-1! 
Hippie Rush - Tambourine in "How It Is"
Geddy's bass harmonics and Alex's guitar arpeggio - from "Nocturne"
Alex and Neil's "Duo Unlimited" 
"Frozen, distorted Alex" - uncovered guitar layer from "Freeze"
"Reflected Drum Light"  - isolated drum part from "Earthshine"
"Digital Double Alex" - guitar solo echo effect on Digital Man
Alien Shore "Chatter"
Neurotica "SNAP"
Alex's Chained Lightening backward guitar solo . . . in reverse!
Twilight Zone vocal edit snafu:  "N-no-place to hide"
Neil incites the crowd in Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt mob's "kill" chant
'The boys' say "It's True" - from "Red Lenses"
Aimee stands isolated
Workin' Them Angels - Geddy and Neil only 
2112 Temples of Syrinx Isolated Geddy vocal part
Tom Sawyer - remix of studio version - Geddy bass, isolated
“MalBass” – isolated bass from Malignant Narcissism 
Custom mix of 'YYZ - studio version - Geddy bass, isolated 
Isolated Geddy bass (and Neil drums) from "Spindrift"
Isolated lead guitar part from The Main Monkey Business
Hidden rhythm guitar part - from "The Main Monkey Business"
Alex's hidden "sour-guitar" layer from coda of "Spindrift"
"Acoustic" Alex YYZ isolated guitar (without effects) from a scanner concert performance
Hidden acoustic guitar track from 'Earthshine'
'We Hold On' without guitar
Hidden echo effect on Geddy vocal in 'Armor & Sword'
"Far Cry' featuring isolated Alex Lifeson lead guitar parts
Custom mix of 'Good News First' revealing new guitar parts
"Acoustic" version of 'Armor & Sword' featuring Geddy and Neil
Previously hidden guitar effects from 'The Way The Wind Blows'
Custom remix of 'The Way The Wind Blows' featuring bass, vocals, and drums only
Geddy's Adrenaline Surge (isolated vocals from Red Barchetta)
It's a "Far-Middle-Eastern-Cry" for Geddy  (hidden background harmony from "Far Cry")
Hidden Geddy vocal harmonies (on Limelight)  (proof that "Geddy vocal harmonies" existed before VT!)
YYZ's "broken glass" sound effect... isolated
Alex's Got Rhythm (Isolated guitar part from Vital Signs)
"Bravest Guitar" (Previously buried Alex guitar part from "Bravest Face" !)
Hidden piano keyboard part - from "Faithless"
Previously-inaudible chord-changes on "Faithless"
Isolated Geddy bass intro from "Far Cry"
Hidden Geddy and Mandola - from "Good News First"
Hidden Alex guitar solo on "Good News First"
"The Main Geddy Business"   (isolated Geddy bass on TMMB)

OdD Rush Studio Recordings - 
 (recovered fade-outs, and other OdDiTiEs)
* Red Lenses Hip-Hop - Recovered-ending ('Hey Baby', Geddy tries to rap . . . )
*  “He Don’t need a Grape, he’s a Digital Ape !” recovered fadeout, ‘Digital Man” – thanks Josh Karg
* Ghost of a Chance (recovered fadeout)
*** The Bell tolls one last time, more hidden audio from "Losing It"
*** Cygnus X-1 Heartbeat - recovered fadeout with beating heart!
*** Tom Sawyer "Lost-ending", from the cutting-room floor!
*** Different Strings -Alex' guitar solo  (no fade-out recovered ending)  
*** "Help me, help me..." from Nocturne (no fade-out recovered ending) 
*** The Camera Eye fadeout   (no fade-out recovered ending) 
*** "Distant Early Ending" - recovered fade-out from "DEW"
*** Heresy intro and outro recovered - African drummers segment (fade-in/fade-out recovered) 
*** I Think I'm Going Bald / Hair recovery (you can hear the beginning of Lakeside Park bleeding through!)
*** Countdown, NASA ground control... "We'll see you in Madrid ..."  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
*** Alex's finale mission (no fade-out recovered ending) 
 "FadeLess" - recovered fadeout for Faithless
Spin-no-drift - recovered fadeout
"Because it Happens" (RTB hidden rap vocal - recovered fadeout)
  The Longer Money - from "The Big Money" (no fade-out recovered ending)
Tai loose ends
Hidden 'fade-in' from "Take A Friend"
HERO OF AN ENDING - recovered fade-out from "Nobody's Hero"
Lock & Key drum solo - (no fade-out, recovered ending)
Territorial Ending from "Territories" - (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Vital Signs  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
"An Ending for Nothing" - from "Something for Nothing" - (no fade-out recovered ending) 
"Presto, Magic Ending" - from "Presto"   (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Available light   (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Don't Leave That Thing Alone   (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Closer to the close (no fade-out recovered ending)
"Wow, Whoa, WOW! What a show..." from "All The Worlds A Stage"  (no fade-out recovered ending)
Hand Over Fist -  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Mystic Rhythms  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Roll The Bones  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Alex's "Lessons" guitar solo   (no fade-out recovered ending) 
The Stars Look Down   (no fade-out recovered ending) 
The Weapon  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Between The Wheels  (no fade-out recovered ending) 
Endlessly Rocking different ending (hidden guitar part fadeout)

OdD Rush Studio Pre-releases / (Alternate releases) -
*** The Weapon, lyrics missing - from the Gold Ultra Disc II release of Signals  - thanks Threewill!
*** The "Lost" Power Windows 'demo tapes' - from UltimoGuitarist
*** The "Lost" Power Windows 'demo tapes' - from Neil's Lost Bag
*** Leave that thing alone, Neil - Drum-part-only  - (Thanks Tascam)
*** "How It Was" -a discarded Mandola part from "How It Is" - later used for on www.rushvaportrails.com for background music
*** "Out Of My Nose . . . Eine-Zwei-Drei-Vier" ("Men About Oars") - from the original Counterparts studio demos, the "Men About Oars"  was originally part of Alex's "counted intro" to Between Sun And Moon (intro spoken in German).  Some have claimed it is Alex, joking around, saying "out of my nose" through his nose :^) 
*** Cold Fire - (no fade-out, alternate ending)- Thanks Peter Griffin!
*** One Little Victory (guitar layers brought to the forefront from alternate version/ pre-release without vocals)
*** Double Agent (Pre-release, with unusual audio sequence)
Peaceable Kingdom from Rush in Rio documentary
Nocturne from Rush in Rio documentary
A Cut Apart from the Chase (from"Cut to the Chase") - Alternate version - Thanks Peter Griffin!
"The Loon" in Time & Motion
Stick It Out (Pre-release - studio - unusual ending)
Half-Speed Processed Information"  (Discarded/alternative vocal track sound effects from "Vital Signs")

OdD Rush Live Pre-releases and Sound Checks -
* Power Windows Tour pre-concert Sound Check (4 songs) - Thanks Jeffrey Fletcher!
*** Xanadu - earliest-known version ever! (May 10th, 1977)
*** Xanadu - pre-release- (performed live in Manchester, June 2, 1977)
*** Red-Sector-A, live pre-release - from 9-18-1983 (- MitA remix)
*** By-Tor and the Snow Dog - live pre-release - (originally part of the extended guitar section of "Working Man" - performed one month prior to the studio recording) - Thanks Eric and PPG 
*** "Best I Can" live pre-release - (performed Dec 5th, 1974, one month before the studio recording) - thanks Eric and PPG
*** Tom Sawyer - (performed live prior to the studio recording) 
*** Middletown Dreams - 3-15-1985, Hollywood, FL - (performed live prior to the studio recording)
*** Entre Nous - performed live during a sound-check- (the only time ever heard other than the Studio release)
Fly By Night live pre-release - performed for the first time ever
The Spirit Of Radio - (performed live prior to the studio recording) 
Sub-Subdivisions - (performed live prior to the studio recording) 
The Analog Kid - (performed live prior to the studio recording)
Limelight - (performed live prior to the studio recording) 
Freewill - (performed live prior to the studio recording)
Kid Gloves - 9-18-1983, (performed live two months prior to the studio recording)
The Body Electric - 9-18-1983 (performed live two months prior to the studio recording)
The Big Money - 3-15-1985, Hollywood, FL - (performed live prior to the studio recording)
Spirit of Radio - Sound check
Rush sound check - "The Spirit Of Radio" from 7-31-79
Rush sound check - "Freewill" from 7-31-79

OdD Rush Live Performances -
* "Live" vocals overdubbed for Exit Stage Left - "FreeWill"
* "Limelight' vocals, isolated from the Exit Stage Left session 
*** "Le-poon-joon-joon-de-monkey-eater", says Geddy
*** "Broon's Reject" (precursor to "Broon's Bane"??)
*** Alex's "La Villa Italiano"
*** Xanadu Missing Lyrics - "The Miracle of Ages Coming True" 
*** Out of the Limelight (Geddy sings the harmony part instead) 
*** The Little Money - (from the Counterparts Dress Rehearsal)
*** Tom Sawyers' Missing Lyrics
*** TSOR - "No companion unobtrusive"
*** In the End "sing-along-Geddy" - thanks Sterling F. !!
*** Rush Folk-Song - "Before The Trees"
*** Big Cowbells "got some soul . . . "
*** "Are we Closer to the end ... yet"?- (Closer to the Heart, the song that wouldn't die!)
*** Odd Early Warning
*** Alex Rolls a live Bone
*** Geddy Really Enjoys Counting (a little Too Much)!
*** Limelight (Exit Stage Left video) - from VHS
***  Rush's "2nd-Best I Can" (Rated PG-13 version) - alternate lyrics from this live pre-release version
A Rush "Cowbell-Wipeout-Jazz" ending
The Spirit of Baseball - thanks graceunderpresssure
Unchained-Bankok-T.C. Broonsie -thanks kjosef
Geddy says Alex Sounds Like Jim Neighbors - thanks graceunderpresssure
Rush's New Year's auld-lang-syne
 La Villa Lifeson whistles a tune - thanks Sharkpedal
Neil Peart "sound-check" drum solo improv - part one
Neil Peart "sound-check" drum solo improv - part duex
War Paint "warm-up"  ( thank you Tascam )  
Alex guitar improv- from the RTB tour
Discarded Dreamline intro
Cold Fire "...When we started on traditional love..."
Geddy gets "sick" from the limelight
Xanadu Missing Lyrics - "Change This, Never-Lasting Dew"
The Body Electrics' missing Lyrics - "The Robot Electric", on the run
The Spirit of Austin Powers . . . "Right on baby"
Rush tries its' hand at "Circus Music"
Geddy's childrens-song
Geddy's improv-bass riff
Alex's La Villa Daydreaming
ALLLLL the things Ged doesn't know! - thanks DevNull
Geddy complains of "Too Much Bass Drum", Neil
The YYZ alternate intro
Unusual intro to Vital Signs (p/g Tour) - (thank you, Tomcat84 !)
Wink Martindale's Ladder
Geddy's Synth Soundcheck -August 31, 1979 - thanks Takearushfan
Alex's Rodeo Hoedown - "Dueling Banjos"

OdD Rush "Unplugged" Live Performance

("scanner" recordings and other bootlegs of unusual origin) - re- mixed by 'MUSICinTheABsTrAcT'

* "Acoustic" Alex YYZ - isolated guitar (without effects) from a scanner concert performance
*** Alex plays "The Spirit of the Banjo"
*** Alex's The Analog Acoustic Kid
*** Alex's unplugged deviation from the Norm
*** "Xolodu!!" Alex plays Xanadu alone ( thank you Tascam )  
*** Geddy plays "Solo-Divisions" ( thank you Tascam )  
*** Unplugged Money
*** Acoustic " Alex Sawyer"
*** Alex "rolls the bones, all alone" - Alex isolated guitar from the Roll The Bones tour
*** Time-Stand-Still- Hill-Billy-Acoustic - re- mixed by 'MUSICinTheABsTrAcT'
"Distant Early Acoustic Alex" - Alex live, without any guitar effects
Alex Rolls an Acoustic Bone" - Alex guitar part live, without effects
Force -Ten - "unplugged"
Red Barchetta - "Unplugged"  
Go Geddy Go, Freewill bass solo with unplugged Alex  
Unusual rendition of "Where's My Thing"  - re- mixed by 'MUSICinTheABsTrAcT'
Alex's Mission - Alex plays 'Mission' live, isolated, without effects
Ged-Barchett-a - Ged plays the bass to "Red Barchetta", isolated, live!
Alex Strangiato Naked - Alex plays La Villa, sans effects

OdD Rush Live Performance  ("Train Wrecks") -

(OdD because they're so rare) 

* La Villa Strange Wreck – thanks Cell-of-AwarenessGeddy 
* Alex and Neil Jam during Geddy equipment malfunction - Thanks Eric
* Alex exercises his 'freewill' and doesn't play   thanks takearushfan! 
* Live concert power-outage during "Force-10"  - thanks Aramis!
*** "Burning out too fast" - a "Marathon" power outage! - thanks Sharkpedal
*** Net-boy-oh-boy! - (...what happens when you need to replace your soundboard) - Thanks Tim8604! 
*** "We're not playing... you may have noticed !!??" - Double Agent voice over soundboard SNAFU
*** Red Barchetta Malfunction ("straining the limits of machine and man....#&@%...")
*** 2111 and a half- thanks Tascam
*** Y-Y- oh Why
*** "Tom Soil-yer" (May 7th, 1994)
*** Tom Soil-yer - Take II.  - thanks tenorbass05 !!
*** La Trainwreck Strangiato - take III - (Neil plays only with his feet!) - Thanks Tenorbass !!
*** Unfortunately,  it's a tough day at "La Trainwreck Strangiato", version II    - thanks Dirk-Man!! 
*** Alex's Empty Victory - OLV Trainwreck - thanks Aramis K.V.A
"La Trainwreck Strangiato", version I.   - thank you jmszczap82 !!
"Sometimes", the Big Money is out-of-sequence
Alex says "Dreamline sounds terrible today... guys"
FreeWon't- thanks Tascam
Alex's 2112 Train-wreck scanner- thanks Takearushfan
"Closer To The Tele-prompter" - Geddy forgets the words to Closer To The Heart - thanks Takearushfan!
"Sub Derailments" - Subdivisions Train-wreck - thanks Dirk-Man!
"Time Stood Still" Trainwreck - thanks Aramis K.V.A - Costa Rica!
Tom Saw . . .What ??!! -Rush live "Trainwreck"  - thanks Aramis K.V.A - Costa Rica!
An Alex-free Tom Sawyer - thanks Aramis K.V.A
Unstable Condition - thanks -nposter63
"No one Gets to their heaven without a technical glitch"   (Thanks BaldiePete !)
"The Spirit of Trainwreck"   (Thanks BaldiePete !)
Alex neither "shows" nor "tells" - technical foul-up, live - thanks Aramis K.V.A !
Alex-and-Geddy get "Subdivided" - thanks GraceUnderPressure
YY(oh-why) is Alex Missing? - thanks Aramis

Alex Lifeson Sings! 

(odd because he sings)

Alex 'vocal performance' on Bravado - thanks Sir Lerxst!
     Ale-x-y-z - thanks graceunderpresssure
Alex Lifeson... sub-prime-mover - thanks Ancient Queen!
Alex Sings 2112, live, 1983 - thanks Sharkpedal
Alex chooses his "Free-will" and sings!
Alex "Sticks It Out" (his voice, that is . . . )
Alex "sings on the fly"
Alex's very limited Aimless River
Between Sun And Alex- thank you, Thorswitch !
Alex's voice has Driven us to a deep, dark hole - thanks Thorswitch!

OdD Rush Concert Tour Extras -

(OdD concert extras from tours-past)

*** 30-Year Day Tripper and I Feel Fine (Rush plays the Beatles!!)
* Rush Concert "Exit Music" - from January, 1980
  We are the Plumbers of Syrinx - (we like to fix your sinks) - from the MP tour
   "Danforth & Pape" nonsense lyrics for La Villa Strangiato 
***        "Hot Moo Cho-Choo de Mondiale" e molto Strangiato!  - from the PeW tour
***        "Alex, don't bother me now I'm busy"- from Black Forrest boot, (thanks "The Letter M" and thanks Kings!)
***        "Le poon joon joon june"  - from the Exit Stage Right bootleg - (thanks "The Letter M")
***        Oslo Strangiato- from the Hemispheres tour 
       This IS  La Villa Bizzaro?  - (thanks "The Letter M")
*** Symphonic Prelude! from Distant Early Warning - from the Power Windows tour
*** Jerry Stiller R30 concert introduction
*** Transylvania Wipeout! (Wipeout, with inadvertent Limbo sound-trigger) from TFE tour
Alex "Evelated" guitar solo - Alex guitar solo live from Vital Sign, live, (amplified for your listening pleasure) as performed only on the 2nd leg of the RTB tour
Welcome mein froinds to La Villa Stran-Geddy" - (Geddy's greeting to the fans in Germany, as played, and then in 'real-time') - Thanks to Middletown Drummer for letting me know about this
Rush's "Cheech & Chong" live ending - thanks Sharkpedal
"Nights, Winters Years" - by Blue Jays - concert intro music - ATWAS tour
Geddy talks to the crowd - Opening Night - 30th Anniversary Tour
The Big-Monty - (Monty Python segment from The Big Money - VT Tour)
Test For Echo introduction - (from the TFE tour)
Geddy's Brain Surgery - from the VT tour
Intro movie "Moving Pictures: take-38 "
"Show Don't Tell" Introduction - from the RTB tour
Neil Peart IS  Dr. Braino! - from the PeW tour
Count Floyd introduces "The Weapon" - (intro to "The Weapon" from the pre-p/g tour)
The Pirates of the Temples of Syrinx - from the R30 tour
"Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition"- from the RTB tour
"Let's all go to the lobby" for intermission
Rush's Brief Psychiatric Treatment

OdD Rush Comedy -
*** Geddy thanks the Mrs. Vilve Yachke (of the Schmenge Brothers fame) for her cabbage rolls and coffee!
*** Closer To The Bloopers
*** Jacob's "Thing", by Orsen Bean
*** Geddy speaks of Rush's "German-period"
*** The Spirit of Radio-Geddy's Yiddish version
*** WIOA Radio Disk Jockey Alex Lifeson (Idiots Off the Air)
*** Alex introduced his friend, Bob Barker, from "The Price Is Right"
*** Abbott & CosteLerxst
*** Geddy welcomes the audience as Bela Lagosi
*** Stupid Conductor
*** Geddy Catches a Cold!
*** Geddy Catches a Fish!
*** Alex Sings "Closer to your Couch"- thanks Tascam
*** Geddy knows all about Pirates, eh?!!
*** Alex, imitating how Anne Murray would sound while attempting to sing 'The Necromancer'  "...three men from the River Dawn, traveling on a boat surfing on a the other shore..."
*** Bill Clinton performs on stage with Rush!
 Alex's Meat-Bee Manifesto- thanks www.kevinkeller.net
And on the drums . . ."What's his name " 
Alex's Southern Hospitality . . . "Howdy!?"
RTB Dress Rehearsal  Thank you Baskin!!
Cygnus X-1 alternate ending
Chryslers' Lee Iacoca, onstage with Rush - thanks Tascam
An Animated Lerxst prays for hockey
Ah, What a Car, what a Car!!
  Bubba Lifeson is "in the mood" - thanks Sharkpedal
Geddy gets very 'veddy' sleepy

OdD Rush Live Stylings -

(Rush "Moonlights" as other bands)

Rush does Jazz - thanks Sharkpedal
"Workin' them Reggae Performances" - extended reggae live jam - thanks Doug
"Reggae Working Man" - version 2
Permanent Working (Reggae) Man
Rush establishes their "Disco Groove"
Country Music, the Band's "New Direction"
Rush Country Improv 2002
Rush Country Improv 1996
Rush Country Improv 1974

OdD Rush Photos -
*** Geddy Goes Hiking in Costa Rica (www.osaaventura.com )
*** Rush and "The Runaways" pose for a photo op - thanks Judy
*** Rare promo photos for "Beetle Magazine" (Neil, Alex, Geddy, 1974) - Thanks Patti2112 !
      - Neil plays the "Air-crutch-guitar" and joins his bandmates 
      - Geddy sits on Alex's lap and telephones Neil
      - The boys joke around
      - Alex gets his nails and hair done in the salon
      - Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to work we go
      - Geddy, Neil, and Alex leave their flat
*** Neil Incognito w/Scarf - Presto
** Geddy Lee inspects the Ice Wine crop, from Inniskillin Vineyards
*** Geddy's Wine Cellar - thanks supermouse!
*** Rush dress up with Fro's - thanks Angelcat
*** Geddy finally wears a T-shirt his mother would be proud of !!
*** Vapor Trails world tour, Opening Night, Double-Rainbow -credit to doug12volt@comcast.net
*** Geddy and his Mom
*** Neil Peart - Parts Manager !!
*** The Boys in the Bathroom - I. - thanks Joe P.
*** The Boys in the Bathroom - II.
*** Neil Peart in the Motorcycle Mirror
*** Neil Peart (early photo) - thanks Tascam
*** Alex & Geddy at the Orbit Room -during the long hiatus after T4E
*** Geddy & Alex relax before a game of tennis (1973)
*** NEP in Africa-masked-rider - rare photo - thanks Queenlerxst
*** NEP in Africa-masked-rider - another rare photo - thanks Queenlerxst
Geddy Lee at the "Fashion Cares" gala event, June 2005 - Thanks supermouse !!!
Floor plan of recording studio for the Snakes & Arrows album! (from allairestudios.com)
Early-Rush-Rutsey-"Bandstand" photo #1 
Early-Rush-Rutsey-"Bandstand" photo #2 
Neil in the band "JRFlood" - thanks Tascam!
Rush-with-Rutsey, live - thanks Sterling F!
Neil Peart joins a band other than Rush! - Neil Peart from "The Majority" - thanks Tkrey!
Geddy wine tasting event- September 29, 2002
Polaroid shots from the VT cover-art sessions
Neil in High School
Neil in Junior High School
Alex and Geddy joke before the Toronto SARS show 07-30-03
Colorful Rush "glam" days
Geddy & Alex in Junior High (Fisherville)!!!
Ged and Alex relax at The Golf Club of Dublin - from the VT tour
Alex, Neil, & Geddy -  early promo picture - thanks Joe P.
VT set-list for Alex's guitar selections
Neil, on his Ghost Rider journey
Neil and Peter Criss backstage
"The Eye" from www.officialrush.com (2001-2002)
Neil and Alex 5-11-02
Geddy  5-11-02
Geddy looking confident - 1978 -Thanks Lunarmermaid!
Rush plays music in the local bathroom - thanks Angelcat
Geddy meets Shamu the Killer Whale - thanks Angelcat
Geddy likes tennis, and Metalica too!

OdD Rush Remixes -     
*** "New" Song from Rush - "What The Heck's that Thing" - MitA remix
*** Xanadu "pitch-corrected" studio version - re-adjusted to natural pitch (A=440)
*** 2112 - Passaic, NJ  - Live - (1976)  - MitA remix
*** Mystic Rhythms - concert soundboard - Mita remix
*** Natural Science-St Louis-1980 - MitA remix
"The Spirit Of Remix"- thanks www.kevinkeller.net
"Rush Retro-Mix" - thanks Bongo
The Camera Eye - Live, 3-1-1981, MitA Remix - thanks Takearushfan
The Necromancer, live in concert (May 10th, 1977)
The Necromancer - live (12-31-1976)
Countdown without "ground control"
Countdown from NASA Ground Control (isolated NASA engineers minus Geddy)
Virtually no net-boy - thanks msgeometry
Rush In Rio documentary audio clip custom remix - thanks Bongo

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